The SALF Experience - one year on!

- with kind permission of Donabate-Portrane Educate Together National School, Co. Dublin

The following Video Clips were taken in Donabate-Portrane ETNS, only nine months after introducing SALF in to their school.

 1. A Principal's view of SALF (Duration: 10.30 mins)


 2. SALF in action in Senior Infants (Duration: 0.26 mins)

 3. A Senior Infants' Teacher's view of SALF (Duration: 5.00 mins)

 4. Using SALF with Fourth Class (Duration: 9.47 mins)

5. Project Work and SALF (Duration: 2.08 mins)

 6. Sharing SALF - Thomas - Fourth Class (Duration: 5.02 mins)

 7. Sharing SALF - Luke

8. Sharing SALF - Poppy (Duration: 3.50 mins)

 9. SEN Teacher's view of SALF

10. Well? Is SALF as a Commercial Product? - A Principal's view


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